About Michael Trepagnier and Cardinal Song

Michael Trepagnier, Oklahoma City native, grew up playing music.  During his freshman year in high school, Michael found himself becoming interested in the recording side of the world of music.  This passion followed him through college, where he started his first recording company in the dorms of Oklahoma City University.  After graduating from university, Michael attended The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS), where he honed his skills and graduated at the top of his class.  Upon graduation from CRAS, Michael began an internship at Bennett Studios in Englewood, NJ, where he was able to work with artists such as Interpol and Mike Viola.  This internship eventually opened the door for Michael to become the studio manager and engineer at The Buddy Project studios in Astoria, Brooklyn.  Not long after that he was offered an engineering position at The Looking Glass studios, owned by Philip Glass.

Michael got the job and eventually worked his way up to lead engineer, where he was able to work with artists such as Coldplay, Counting Crows, Brazilian Girls, James Brown (the engineer), Motion City Soundtrack, Philip Glass himself and many more.

When The Looking Glass closed in 2008, Michael co-opened a studio called Motherbrain Studios in the Sunset Park district of Brooklyn, NY with his partner Brian Bender (has since re-located to Los Angeles, CA).  Growing tired of New York City, he decided to leave and come back to Oklahoma City to assist in the opening of the ACM@UCO and his own studio endeavors.

Michael continues to work with bands of all shapes and sizes, and has recently opened his own production and mixing studio, Cardinal Song, in Downtown Oklahoma City.  Cardinal Song continues to expand, and plans are on the horizon for a new commercial space targeting the artists needs both creatively and sonically opening in 2018.

For more information about Michael, or his studio, please contact him.


List of artists I've worked with:

Counting Crows
James Brown (the engineer)
Gil Norton
Hector Castillo
Brazilian Girls
JD McPherson
Other Lives
The Looking Glass Studios
Horse Thief
Isle of Rhodes
Defining Times
Limber Limbs
Beau Jennings/Cheyenne
Chase Kerby
Bryon White (from the Damn Quails)
Blake Fischer
Alston, David
Kite Flying Robot

and many more...