Views from the other side of the world.

Folks, I'm waiting you from the future. I'm in South Korea, one day into the future. 15 hours in the future to be exact.  The future is bright, rainy and very humid, so please remember your rain coats. 

I'm very lucky to have met some of the people I have, and they've been kind enough to take me places I thought I'd never see.  South Korea is defiantly one of those places. 



It's been a while folks


I've updated the site, not sure why I've been so absent from it, just seemed too detached I guess. A LOT is going on in the CS world. We've purchased a new property for the studio. I've been working with the lovely Jeff Hedbeck on finishing the studio design.  Let's see, the Hanson boys have been keeping me busy, I've mixed 2 EPs for them (working on #2 as I type, going back on the road with them later this summer. Been growing and expanding the studio's equipment list. It's been a wild ride since ACM let out just about a month ago.

Guys, the next year is going to be crazy. So hold onto your butts, and get ready for the greatest studio and creative center OKC has ever known. 



Avid certified training Summer 2015

Hey folks. If you want to be a Pro Tools wizard, there are training options for you at ACM@UCO this summer. I've signed up for PT400, which is pretty intense from my understanding.  101/110 are really great classes that build you're foundation on the application, I'd recommend these to anyone who wants to be serious about Pro Tools. 

Anyway here is the schedule: with links to the registration if you're interested:


Pro Tools 101/110 13th thru 17th

Media Composer July 13th thru 17th

Pro Tools Game Audio July 21, 22 & 23 (Tues., Wed. & Thursday)

Pro Tools 201/210M July 20th thru 24th

PT400 July 15 & 16 (Wed. & Thurs.)

PT S6 July 21, 22 & 23 (Tues., Wed. & Thursday?)


Hope to see everyone!! 


Chase Kerby - A Quiet Man

i haven't really said much about this yet, but we recorded a new Chase Kerby EP 2 weeks ago, in a single night.  It's been mixed and is waiting on mastering.  A great 14 hour marathon session cranked out 6 tunes.  I'm especially excited about this EP because it's a side of Chase that I know well, but I'm not sure that his casual fans do. This EP is about him and his acoustic guitar.  There are very few instruments other than his voice and a guitar and it really showcases his songwriting skills. 

There is one full production with drums, bass etc. that was written the day we recorded it.  Those are always fun because they are so fresh and without any bias. 

I'm super excited for this one to come out. We are looking at an early June release so keep your ears to the ground. 

Rachel Brashear - Songs From a Cave

Been in the studio with the magnificent Rachel Brashear. We've been hammering away at her new record "Songs From a Cave". Seven tunes, and they are all amazing.Tracked live piano, bass, drums and vocals at The Jazz Lab in Edmond OK. We cobbled the room together with tables and chairs to get the acoustics right. It was a really fun experience! Be on the look out for her and this new sound!!

JD McPherson - Let the good times roll

Just got a friendly Google alert that my name has popped up on the interwebs. Good thing it's in relation to work. My good buddy JD is back in the presses, and the kind folks at newsOK were nice enough to give me a nod.I'm sooooooooo excited for this album to come out. I helped redo so tracking on the album and cut a few lead vocals (it's a religious experience watching JD work because that sound comes out of his face and it's amazing). Go read about it, and watch the best trailer for an album I've ever seen.

Taking Stock

It's been a very blessed year for lots of reasons, and while pondering the year I made a list of this years clients, and I've very proud.  I've met a bunch of wonderful folks during the process and still have plenty of time to have more fun before the year ends.

  • Hanson – Engineer
  • Fools Banquet 2014 – Studio Engineer for Neve Room
    • Hanson
    • David Ryan Harris (John Mayer)
    • JD McPherson
    • Ben Kweller
    • Carrick Moore-Gerety
    • Skyler Stonestreet
    • Paul McDonald (American Idol 2011)
    • Dan Lavery (Tonic)
    • Emily Robison (Dixie Chicks)
    • Martie Maguire (Dixie Chicks)
  • Isle of Rhodes – Engineer/Mix/Produce
  • JD McPherson – Engineer/Mix
  • Moongiant – Mix/Additional Production
  • Plain Speak – Engineer/Mix/Additional Production
  • Defining Times – Engineer/Mix/Produce
  • Horse Thief – Mix
  • Chase Kerby – Engineer/Mix/Produce
  • Limber Limbs – Mix
  • Beau Jennings and the Tigers – Songwriting/Arranging/Performer
  • Paperscissor – Mix
  • Colourmusic – Engineer/Label work
  • Rounder Records
  • Bella Union
  • 3CG Records
  • Jordan Bledsoe (Producer)

Chase Kerby - Tidal Friction

OH MY GOODNESS.  That was easy.  4 songs 5 days. Great album! I'm so excited to announce that Chase Kerby is back in the saddle and making albums.  After a brief six month hiatus from writing he has come out with a lovely collection of 4 songs to release to the world very very soon.  We finished mixing last night, and honestly this has been the most painless album I've ever made to date.  It's a very personal side of Chase that probably has not been seen since our band, Defining Times,  released Separate Tongues a few years back.  He is tackling a new side of himself, and it proves to be a very connected and insightful look into his songwriting and personality.

This will be the first EP of many to come.  Chase and I have come to the conclusion that a new EP will be released with every season from now until he is famous for doing that.  We have the songs ready for the second EP that will be coming in the winter, so keep your ears to the ground because you are going to have a lot of music to digest every few months.

Over and out!

NYC: Isle of Rhodes

Arrived at Motherbrain studios, and the gear gets deeper every time I'm here. Excited to get moving with Isle if Rhodes today and to work with my old friend and former business partner Brian Bender before he packs this place up and galavants across the country to Los Angeles to setup Motherbrain 3.0NYC has changed in the year and a half since my last visit, cannot confirm what it is yet, but I'm sure I'll rant about it soon.


Defining Times - Norman Music Festival - TONIGHT - 11:30 - Brewhouse

Rams Hey Folks, DT will be playing tonight at The Brewhouse for Norman Music Festival tonight.  We have a great slot at 11:30, so be there or be square!

It was three years ago that Defining Times started as a band at Norman Music Festival.  Not only was it at the same festival, but it was at the same stage, on the same night and pretty much at the same time.  Not sure what that says about us as a band, but it's pretty cool if you ask me.

Our buddy and guitar player Alex Coleman is playing with Horse Thief on the main stage this year.  A big congrats to him on their debut album that dropped just this week on Bella Union.

Chase Kerby's solo project will be tomorrow night, followed by Beau Jennings and The Tigers on Saturday!  Tiger UP!!

Get better or quit,